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Vacant Bachelor Thesis Topics

Students can choose their Bachelor Thesis Topics from the regularly updated thesis overview in TISS. (Please select 'Bachelor Thesis' and apply a filter for 'Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation'.) More topics are available upon request. Additionally, students are encouraged to bring their own topics, which will then be further discussed with the corresponding supervisor.

Completed Bachelor Theses

  • Troposphärische Parameter aus GNSS in der VLBI Auswertung (J. Gruber)
  • Troposphärische Parameter an VLBI-VLBI Kolokationsstationen (M. Schwai)
  • Drehimpuls- und Drehmomentansatz zur Modellierung von atmosphärisch angeregten Tageslängeschwankungen (R. Messner) »Read Thesis
  • Satellite Scheduling mit VLBI (M. Wimmer)
  • Signatur des 1997/98 El-Ninos in atmosphärischen Drehmomenten (M. Aichinger-Rosenberger)
  • Erdorientierungsparameter aus simultanen VLBI Experimenten (S. Hochstöger)
  • Globale hydrologische Modelle zur Verwendung in der Geodäsie (I. Pfeil)
  • Untersuchung zur Interpolation von GPS Orbits (V. Nusime)
  • Simulation von regionalen VLBI Netzen in China für die Bestimmung der Erdrotationsparameter (Q. Li)
  • Untersuchung des Erdbebens in Japan am 11. März 2011 (R. Dittrich)
  • Adaption der Vienna Mapping Function 1 für Satellite Laser Ranging (M. Pusam)
  • Untersuchung des Erdbebens in Concepcion (M. Konrath) »Read Thesis
  • VLBI-Sichtbarkeitsstudien für GRASP (C. Schönberger) »Read Thesis
  • Relativistische Laufzeitverzögerung in der VLBI (B. Soja) »Read Thesis
  • Raytracing for determination of tropospheric runtime delays (C. Reimer) »Read Thesis
  • Repeatability of baselines lengths in VLBI (A. Hofmeister) »Read Thesis
  • Evaluation of rise- and decline-points of LEO-Satellites for GNSS Atmosphere-Sounding (W. Lehner) »Read Thesis
  • NeQuick EGNOS Correction-Model of the ionospheric delay of GNSS-Signals (R. Hohensinn) »Read Thesis
  • Different models of the invers-barometrec correction for the atmospheic angular momentum-function (C. Paulik) »Read Thesis
  • Influence of temperature while modelling the thermic deformation of VLBI-telescopes to the terrestrial referenceframe (M. Madzak) »Read Thesis
  • Hydrostatic equilibrium in numeric weather models (S. Hahn) »Read Thesis