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Ph.D. Theses in Progress

  • Ableitung eines GNSS-basierten österreichweiten Oberflächen-bewegungsmodells und Untersuchung des Einflusses des zugrunde liegenden Koordinaten-Referenzrahmens (E. Umnig) »View Abstract
  • Bestimmung von Laufzeitverzögerungen in der Atmosphäre für geodätische VLBI mittels Strahlverfolgung (A. Hofmeister) »View Abstract
  • Short Period Ocean Tidal variations in Earth Rotation (M. Madzak) »View Abstract
  • Monitoring and Modelling the Ionospheric Delay by Means of the new GNSS-Signals (N. Magnet) »View Abstract
  • GNSS based single point positioning at cm level (PPP) assisted by regional network information (F. Hinterberger) »View Abstract
  • Real Time Integrity monitoring of GPS orbit and clock products by means of the global RT-IGS reference station network (M. Opitz) »View Abstract

Completed Ph.D. Theses

Under main expertise:

Under secondary expertise:

  • Atmospheric correction formulae for geodetic space techniques (D. Wijaya) »View Abstract
  • Modelling the tropospheric delay and introduction of absolute antenna PCV models in a regional GPS network (V. Filler) »View Abstract
  • The impact of secondary effects on Earth rotation (R. Dill)
  • For the determination of GPS-phase-ambiguities in wide-area-networks (K. Wienholz) »View Abstract
  • Atmospheric and oceanic impacts to Earth rotations - numerical studies with a dynamic Earth system model (F. Seitz) »View Abstract
  • An Embedded Expert System for the Automation of the VLBI Data Analysis (W. Schwegmann) »View Abstract
  • The stochastic model in the VLBI-analysis (V. Tesmer) »View Abstract
  • New approaches for combining ERP time series (L. Fernandez) »View Abstract