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Lost Astronomical Instruments

In 2004/2005 the following historical astronomical instruments disappeared (lost or stolen) from the rooms of the research group Advanced Geodesy:

  • Astronomical pendulum clock of Franz Schmid (approx. 1876) »View photo 1 / »View photo 2
  • Prism sextant of Pistor and Martins (6 inches radius)
  • Sterneck pendulum apparatus, consisting of two golden pendulums with agate slices and numerous additional components
  • Refractor of Merz & Mahler (4 1/2 inches aperture) »View photo 1 / »View photo 2
  • Precise maritime chronometer of Nardin, No. 2860
  • Maritime chronometer Ulysse Nardin

If you have any information about these instruments please contact Harald Schuh.

Last update: 30 March 2006