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Exams (Winter Term 2013)

Written examinations:

Written examinations are held on prescribed audit dates or upon request from the corresponding lecturer. In case of prescribed exams, the registration deadline always ends on the preceding Tuesday, 12:00 :

-13:00 - 14:00SEM 122


  • Pre-requisite for the written examinations are the basic physical and mathematical lectures and, where appropriate, a positive degree of the exercises. Therefore try to pass your examinations in the sequence of the studyplan.
  • You are not allowed to use notebooks.
  • The written examination should be well-arranged and readable.

Oral examinations:

Oral eximation dates have to be arranged personally with the corresponding lecturer.

a.o. Prof. Dr. R. Weber:: »Contact Information

  • Potential Theory
  • The Gravity Field of the Earth
  • Satellite Navigation System Based Services
  • Satellite Geodesy
  • Navigation

Prof. Dr. J. Böhm:: »Contact Information

  • Space Geodesy
  • Atmospheric Effects in Geodesy

Prof. Dr. Harald Schuh: »Contact Information
(Please apply for your oral examination per email if possible!)

  • Introduction to Advanced Geodesy (since SS2007)
  • Mathematical Methods of Geosciences
  • Applied Geodesy I (leveling)

a.o. Prof. Dr. G. Gerstbach:: »Contact Information

  • Astronomy

Dr. Veronika Bröderbauer: »Contact Information

  • Tensor Analysis

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Sigrid Böhm: »Contact Information
(currently on leave!)

  • Earth Rotation and Global Dynamic Processes